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    Reenactment Events

    A dedicated team of admins, officers and community leaders from the major events of the European timezone:

    United European Community
    Historical Rules Event

    Logo credit to Keane of 6th US Cavalry

    Our goals and ideas

    Most events are organized on the weekly basis, employing a constant rule set and providing a similar experience on each occasion. We intend the Reenactment Events to be a break in the routine, celebratory community gatherings, something regiments will look forward to throughout the year.

    As such, our Events will be hosted on irregular basis, usually at the times of anniversaries of important battles of the Civil War, such as Gettysburg, Shiloh, Bull Run. Each of them will be a separate community project and although they will be built on the same skeleton-idea and principle guidelines, each will be distinctively different, depending on the specific rule set applied and battlefields that we will reconstruct with the assets provided in-game.

    The "reenactment" should not be taken literary, as we are forced to use pre-existing maps at least until release of the Atlas map editor. The exact topographical circumstances of each battle will be respected as much as possible, however main focus will be the immersion and ambiance of the battles, in such a way that players reenacting the individual soldiers meet combat experience resembling as close as possible to what the combatants of given engagement would have gone through - this will be achieved thanks to pre-planned battle scripts, which will specify objectives, defensive lines and attack lanes of both teams, and generals, that is admins in charge of their teams and responsible for carrying out their orders. Moreover, emphasize shall be put on historical accuracy in terms of drill and tactics.

    Full rule set of the events can be found here. Below excerpt from the rule set regarding the generic combat principles.

    Formation and movement

    1. Infantry are obliged to remain in close formation at all times, unless playing as skirmishers (see points dedicated to skirmishing).
    2. Unless event-specific rules dictate otherwise, infantry is obliged to form double ranks at all times if numbering more than 10 men.
    3. When traversing greater distances infantry units may form a single or double file and march at double-quick; otherwise quick-time is encouraged.
    4. All units are highly encouraged to use period-correct drill and commands, and execute appropriate evolutions and maneuvers according to either Hardee¬’s or Casey¬’s Infantry manuals (alternatively Poinsett¬’s for cavalry). Units that play by so called ¬“meta¬” with no respect towards the historical accuracy will be deemed unfit to the spirit of the event.
    5. If a unit takes casualties and falls below 6 men threshold it must fall back and regroup or attach itself to the closest friendly unit.
    6. Reinforcements coming from the main spawn may move out in groups of no less than 3 men.
    7. Unless event specific rules state otherwise, skirmishing is only allowed for the units specifically designated by the admins during the pre-event meeting.
    8. Units designated as skirmishers may develop the skirmish line on their own leisure, with intervals extended and the men crouching. If the unit is sizeable enough, it may detach only part of its line as skirmishers, with the rest remaining in close formation.
    9. The skirmishing party must number no less than 5 men and must fall back if charged or takes too many casualties.
    10. Skirmishers cannot engage in melee combat.


    1. Teamplay and coordination is expected from all participants.
    2. “Spawn camping” or otherwise shooting into the enemy spawning area, by infantry or artillery, is not allowed.
    3. “Ramboing” or any other one man operations are not allowed. If any man is found lost in the field he ought to run back to the closest friendly unit without engaging the enemy.
    4. Splitting the units in groups smaller than 10 is not allowed (skirmishing groups of minimum 5 are the only exception); units may send out scout parties of 2 men but they are not allowed to engage the enemy in any way and must fall back if fired upon.
    5. If a scout or a lost soldier runs into enemy formation by accident, he may be shot at, be allowed to run free and join his friendlies or taken prisoner for RP purposes.
    6. Units are allowed to use fences, rocks, fallen trees and stonewalls as cover and crouch behind them, but not to fire crouching unless specifically in skirmishing order.
    7. Unless event-specific guidelines say otherwise participants are not allowed:

    7.1 to occupy buildings,
    7.2 to climb up fences and rocks,
    7.3 to pick around the buildings or rocks and take pot shots,
    7.4 to take and fire with the enemy cannons.

    Past projects:

    • Gettysburg 159th - 1st-3rd July, 2022

    • Fredericksburg 160th - 10th & 16th-17th December, 2022

    Current projects:

    • To be decided

    Organization & communication

    Main communication channel for organizers and participants, as well as notice board for the on going development process of our current project is our official Discord server.

    The Organization Team made up of chosen community leaders and admins will be in charge of preparations and execution of the events, however all participants who play a part in the organization will also have a voice in shaping the future projects.

    Sign-ups for the events will be announced in advance and conducted via aforementioned Discord server.

    See you on the battlefield!

    Closing ceremony of the Gettysburg event, July 3rd 2022. Credit to Legatus of 24th Georgia
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    As I was scrolling through my folders I found some good old photos from the last event. Enjoy

    Day 1 - Union at the McPherson's Ridge: Battalion of 88thNY and 4thNJ in front, 5thUS cavalry in a skirmish order in the background

    Credit to Atomic

    Day 2 - Confederates advance up the Little Round Top...

    Credit to Kob

    ...And here the 20th Maine formed at the Top...

    Credit to Dan Hagman

    ...and how it looked after first engagement.

    Credit to Livington

    Finally view of the Picket's division from the Cemetery Ridge through officer binoculars

    Image of my own

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    We are delighted to announce our next project...

    Image credit to Keane of 6thUS

    Fought in the cold winter days on the banks of Rappahanock river, in the streets and outskirts of the town of Fredericksburg between 11th and 13th of December, 1862, the battle was one of the greatest clashes between Army of the Potomac and Army of Northern Virginia, and saw some of the most gruesome and relentless engagements America had witnessed up to that point, as well as one of the worst Union's defeat in the war.


    First day of the battle, which saw first major urban warfare on American soil will be reconstructed on the Harper's Ferry maps, simulating Union's struggle against general Barksdale's Mississippians defending streets and courtyards of the town.

    For the second day, we will begin with general Meade's division assault on Prospect Hill on the Union left flank, where federal troops broke through rebel lines and crosses the railway embankment, only to be later driven out in fierce close quarters combat.

    Afterwards we will witness a series of charges general Sumner and over dozen of his brigades committed in their fruitless attempts to take the Marye's Heights south of the town, only to be matched and decimated by Cobb's Georgians stacked four ranks-deep behind the infamous stonewall at the Sunken Road.


    December 10th - battle for Prospect Hill and Marye's Heights from the Dec. 13th, 1862, followed by a short ceremony.

    December 16th - Union landing and urban combat from the Dec. 11th, 1862.
    December 17th - repeat of the event from the 10th: battle for Prospect Hill and Marye's Heights, with the ceremony afterwards.

    Reasons for this split are twofold - on one side, the exact anniversary falls on a working days, on the other should the the event be played on just one day, it would not be able to facilitate all interested units due to server limitations. Thus the admin team will prepare the event twice, to give all a chance to participate.


    Sign-ups for the event on the December 10th will be opened to all interested units on the 19th of November, and will be conducted via our Discord server. Please note, that presence of regimental representative of participating regiments in said Discord server is required.

    As of current state of affair, sign-ups for the events on the 16th and 17th are closed - the admin team will be inviting individual regiments through private channels on their own accord. Unless all the spots will fill the event will be opened to general audience to sign-up, once all interested units confirm their presence.

    All coordination will be conducted via our
    Discord server.
    There you will also find additional information and updates on the development of the project.
    For any questions we encourage you to leave comments below or contact me or any other admin on Discord (my discord tag: SirKnight#4707)

    See you on the battlefield...
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    Fredericksburg Event


    December 10th -16th - 17th, 2022

    It is well the war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it

    - General Robert E. Lee
    upon looking down from the heights on the dismal scenery of the battlefield of Fredericksburg.

    Throughout past two weekends we reconstructed the key episodes of this famous engagement, the fierce urban combat down in tight streets and alleys of the town of Fredericksburg, Union's struggle over the Prospect Hill and finally its' doomed charges at the Marye's Heights.

    On behalf of the Organization Team I would like to thank all participants for coming. We rallied nearly 500 players across both weeks and 27 independent regiments, which together comprise for majority of the European community of War of Rights. We were also glad to welcome American regiments, which joined us on this occasion and will happily do so again on next occasion, bringing the entire community together.

    The event started off as a challenge, and we took it as such. I can safely say, echoing the overwhelming positive feedback, that we succeeded. We learnt a few valuable lessons, we got to know each other better and I myself can not wait when we sit down to a new project, whatever it will be.

    Participating regiments

    The closing ceremony on December 10th; credit to Osswald of 2ndDE

    Many thanks to Battle Line Network for capturing the events of December 10th and preparing this beautiful montage:

    The same many thanks to Adam "Homer" of 4th New Jersey for streaming the following weekend of 16th and 17th.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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