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Thread: EU Wednesday Escape From Maryland

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    EU Wednesday Escape From Maryland

    hi boys to participate in the brutal picket patrol and not just on EU Wednesdays enter our discord!!!

    EVERY EU Wednesdays !!!

    Coordination in Discord at 20:30 Central Europe Time ( 2:30 Pm Est )
    to provide your numbers !!! the Battle Start At 21:00 CET ( 3:00 Pm Est )

    the minimum number of players to participate is just 5 guys !

    Rules !

    1) the rules change in agreement between the groups or are chosen by each group in rotation

    2) seriousness maturity mental elasticity and the round start at 13 min

    3) you can participate in a minimum of 5 players Or if you have lower you need to join other group for the time of an event

    4) larger groups are divided into several units of no more than 15 men each
    P.s for example if you are 25 = 15 + 10 / 35 = 15 + 15 + 5 (to allow everyone to participate)
    If you were split by the admins you'r groups must be away from each other during the event. You need stay at least 30 yards away from your other group
    ( staying ~5 m. away from your other group is prohibited and would be warned by the admins)

    5) Its forbidden to use Pistols

    6) no Rambo or one man special operations

    7) To detach a skirmish group you need 3 guys. Skirmishers are allowed to operate independently and shoot / It is allowed to have only 1 skirmish group / If you send 2 or 1 guy they are not allowed to shoot

    8) It is not allowed to use officers during event. NCO slots are unlimited ( you need to discuss how many NCO slots you will get with other regiments with witch you are sharing)

    9) During the round a 2 admin groups of 3 man each would be walking around the map and watch the implementation of rules ... no spotting from a bird's eye view if you die, don't spot for the living in the group

    10) During picket patrol rounds there will be 2 admins (1 for each team). They would kill themselves at the beginning of every round to enter the spectator mode.

    11) no unauthorised spectators It is allowed only in common agreement between the groups

    12) fighting in buildings is not allowed but yes in the farm tunnel

    13) Individual have 3 warning limit per event / Regiment have 5 warning limit per event

    Enjoy you are Welcome !

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    Great event; always refreshing to play Picket Patrols
    Thank you to the organizers!

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    This is a really nice event.
    Picket Patrol is a really underrated mode but has the potential for a lot of fun.
    Thx hoster

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