I don't know what can be done with this "game" anymore, I only play once a year for a day or 2, before I would play as much as I could, blown away with the concept and the fun.

suggestions - hhhmm it's a self-described accurate simulation "game". To add a concept other than a historical event would be inaccurate.

But then, would that be a bad thing? would it be so bad to add new types of game options? or to even have black characters considering 1 in 10 were African American on union side. How about adding to GameMode improvised telescopic sights to sharps? again, this is an accurate historical fact from the start to end of the war.
I always find this amazing that sharps "union" could hit a target from 600 yards and had to get 10 consecutive shots in a 10inc target - Jack Hinson from the CSA got 32 officers kills well worth the read if you google his name.
Now how about a GameMode that lets you know if you got a kill? an option to have on or off, like a ping or sound that only you can hear. Can you really on this "game" see the difference between a tree, house, target at 300 yards?

I know having such a sound is meet with "it's not an accurate historical fact" but then it's an option to compensate for lack of vision, over the weekend less then 300 people played, Monday to Friday less than 100.
Having such options could / would bring back player's and severs will be much more active, and if they do join a regiment - the sound option is always able to be turned off.

It is a proven fact the people who confuse gaming with real life have a gaming disorder.