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Thread: GoFundMe ?

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    GoFundMe ?

    I was just looking around to see how much this game were able to raise in funding, almost 1 million not bad
    Then I came across this fun page and don't know what to make of it, maybe just wrong wording but then I thought hhmm would you post on GoFundMe with wrong wording.

    "My War of Rights Company is rasising money so that we can buy the alpha for new members" what do they mean "buy the alpha" I believe if I'm not wrong that this game is still in development so when it becomes alpha is it to be sold off ? also campfire game studio had a "Crowdfunding" page that came close to 1 million in donations, so what's going on.

    The 1st link is still active, I can understand that trying to raise money to buy a sever, but that is not what is advertised and its still active.

    1st link to what this game being sold when alpha
    2nd link to real funding this 2nd site is closed

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