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    The Basics

    Before we kick these off, we’d like you all to please keep in mind that the designs are still very much a work in progress. Things will get added, removed or completely overhauled as the development continues and we begin deeper testing. With that out of the way, let me explain the unique Company Tool of War of Rights.

    Like in many other games, playing with a group of people is way more fun, compared to being a lone wolf. Since War of Rights is a highly team based game, we want to encourage the formation of groups and to play in those!
    While in other games, those groups are called "Clans" or "Regiments", we are going for a more realistic approach. The smallest of those player created groups is the "Company". While companies were attached to a regiment, they act as an independent unit.

    The System in detail

    Every player needs to enlist in one of the Armies as a Volunteer (you can create more characters of course). For that, you have to sign in on our webpage via the ENLISTMENT button. The authentic Enlistment papers comes up on your screen and you have to type in various facts like your name, age, occupation, your biography and more.

    This is quite cool, since those are the real historic facts every soldier had to use back in those days!
    We want to encourage role-play and each player is able to create his authentic civil war character! In addition, you can choose your avatar out of a set of pre-selected portraits.
    Later, your designed in-game character will be used for that.

    Example: Avatars for each player

    Once your character is created, you are able to join or form a company. You have access to a huge list of regiments, sorted by state, which were active during the Maryland Campaign. Each regiment can host 10 different Companies, ranging from A to J Company.

    As an officer, you are able to form your own company. Here you have the option to invite, promote, manage and kick players. You can also have a look at their enlistment papers and mark some important notes for later usage. Besides that, officers are able to write their own company history as well as uploading their own company colors. If an officer needs some support to manage his company, he can assign Non-Commission-Officers or Aides as moderators.

    Some of you might have noticed those authentic regiment and company posters on our webpage. Companies are able to upload their own posters onto the main website for adverticement on their company to get new volunteers.

    Example: Enlistment Papers

    Example: Regiment List & Company Creation

    Example: Company Roster & Promotion Letter

    At a later stage, you are able to port your own company rank structure to an in-game server. Each assigned rank will be displayed and available for you and your soldiers. You want to perform training with your own company structure? Feel free to do so!
    When playing company battles against other companies or practicing on your own company server, your rank and the abilities that follows it, will be reflected ingame.

    Future Plans

    While the company creation is the first step for a player based organization, we want to extend that system in the future. For example, companies will be able to vote a regiment leader, while regiments will be able to group up in brigades, with a commander itself. The goal is to create an authentic player organized command system, from corps, divisions, brigades and regiments down to the companies itself.

    We will use the Order of Battle of the Maryland Campaign in the beginning. Later, you are able to form non-linear companies, which did not take part in the Maryland Campaign.

    Example: Chain of Command

    Why Companies?

    Wait: Why are we going for companies? Isn't it more realistic to form regiments?
    Answer: Not at all. Let me explain that with a small example!

    You are a fan of the 20th Maine and would like to fight in their name? You are welcome to form the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry - Company A - [20thME(Co.A)]
    In most games, that regiment would be "locked" and unavailable for others now. In War of Rights you have the option to form another company, for instance the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry - Company B - [20thME(Co.B)]

    There are some good advantages to use the smaller company scale:

    1) No more hatred and problems, cause the most famous regiments are locked and reserved
    2) You are able to form a group and friendship with the other companies, within your mother regiment
    3) The player size fits better to the company level
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    Added 10th April:

    After consideration within the team, the developers have opted to stick with the total realism aspect and will now allow for the expansion of companies to higher letter designations than K, IF it were so in the actual history of the company one wants to portray.
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