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Thread: 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry "Bucktails" - 2nd Battalion - Co. E & F ~ EU/NA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dman979 View Post
    Van Dying
    lol! sadly too true (X _ X)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravescot View Post
    Welcome to the Battalion Privates Van Dyne and Müller
    Welcome indeed gents, nice Dutch & German Surnames there.
    G'day Mate, I am a Confederate wife widowmaker!

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    I, Harry Green, Have applied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolttt View Post
    i applied ( Jolttt ) / Jesse Pace
    Quote Originally Posted by tc5670 View Post
    I, Harry Green, Have applied.
    Welcome to the Battalion Privates Pace and Green!

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    We are all Pennsylvania Reservist!!! I look forward to fighting next to you all.

    "From the beginning of the war until its close no body of troops achieved a fame so distinct and universal as that of the Pennsylvania Reserves. Other troops fought equally well, and wrought out glorious histories that will ever be remembered by a grateful posterity, but the Reserves fought battles and won victories of their own, and thus secured to themselves a wider fame in the history of the nation's struggle." Their patriotic dead sleep upon many a well-fought field." - LT Ell Torrance

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