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Thread: 1st Texas Infantry - Company F "Woodville Rifles"

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    1st Texas Infantry - Company F "Woodville Rifles"

    Company F of the 1st Texas Infantry is a NA/EU semi-hardcore line battle group open to anyone who seeks a group focus on teamwork and aggressive gameplay

    The First Texas Infantry was organized in Virginia in August 1861 after ten companies, lettered A to K, that arrived from Texas were consolidated into a regiment. Two additional companies, lettered L and M, were later added to the regiment, bringing the total to twelve. Men serving in the regiment came from the Texas counties of Anderson, Cass, Cherokee, Galveston, Harrison, Houston, Marion, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, Trinity, and Tyler. The regiment's original commander was Col. Louis T. Wigfall who received a promotion to brigadier general on October 21, 1861. Wigfall's military service was brief; on February 20, 1862, he resigned to take his seat in the Confederate Congress in Richmond, Virginia. Field officers for the regiment at its mustering in were Maj. Frederick S. Bass, Maj. Harvey H. Black, Maj. Albert G. Clopton, Maj. Matt Dale, Maj. Richard J. Harding, Maj. Hugh McLeod, Maj. Alexis T. Rainey, Maj. John R. Woodward, and Lt. Col. Phillip A. Work.
    This regiment was one of three from Texas that became part of Hood's Texas Brigade commanded by Gen. John Bell Hood. The First Texas Infantry was first assigned to duty in the Potomac District and became part of the Army of Northern Virginia. Attached to the Corps commanded by Gen. James Longstreet, the regiment saw extensive combat throughout the war and served primarily in Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Under Longstreet's command the regiment served in Georgia in September 1863, then went to Tennessee, and came back to Virginia in the spring of 1864 where it remained to war's end.
    The First Texas Infantry participated in a long and impressive list of military engagements, including thirty-two major battles. Their largest engagements included Seven Pines from May 31 to June 1, 1862; the Seven Days Battles from June 25 to July 1, 1862; Second Bull Run on August 28–30, 1862; Antietam on September 17, 1862; Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862; Gettysburg on July 1–3, 1863; Chickamauga on September 19–20, 1863; the siege of Chattanooga from September to November 1863; the Wilderness on May 5–6, 1864; Spotsylvania Court House from May 8 to 21, 1864; Cold Harbor on June 1–3, 1864; and the Petersburg siege from June 1864 to April 1865. The regiment surrendered along with the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.
    Throughout the war the First Texas Infantry suffered heavy casualties. At the battle of Antietam the regiment lost 82 percent of its 226 troops engaged. More than 20 percent of its 426 troops were lost at the battle of Gettysburg. At the time of its surrender at Appomattox Court House the regiment had only 16 officers and 133 men. All of the men who surrendered at Appomattox Court House were paroled by the Union Army under Ulysses S. Grant and allowed to return home.


    ServerName: 1st_Texas_Official
    Gametype: Battle
    Event Days: TBD

    Ingame/Forum Name:
    Company Tool Name (if different):
    Steam Gamer Tag (if applicable):
    Access to Alpha (Yes/No):

    Visit the steam group:
    1st Texas Company F Steam Group

    Visit the company page in the company tool and enlist:
    1st Texas Infantry Company F

    Company F is strictly an apolitical group welcoming of any individual no matter sex, race, or nationality.
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    pvt.pngJohn Scott
    pvt.pngKonrad Biermann
    pvt.pngNicholas Houser
    pvt.pngOswald Oleander
    pvt.pngRobbert Feutre
    pvt.pngAlbert Cannon
    pvt.pngAlexander Doyle
    pvt.pngAntonio Fernandez
    pvt.pngCalvin Karlson
    pvt.pngDillon J. Doyle
    pvt.pngDobbin Patterson
    pvt.pngJ.P. Wyatt
    pvt.pngJ.T. Moreland
    pvt.pngJett Yearly
    pvt.pngJohn A. Fredrickson
    pvt.pngJohnny Curd
    pvt.pngJorge Daniel Puente
    pvt.pngVincent G.

    (ATTN: These descriptions are not gospel and WILL change to fit the needs of the players, the group, and simple practicality. Many of the responsibilities listed are shared between other ranks.)

    (ALSO: Attendance is NOT mandatory, you will not be kicked out for inactivity. You WILL, however, be missing out on promotion opportunities, be eligible for demotion from important roles, and will miss a good bit of fun.)

    (COMBAT ROLES: The listed combat roles mainly apply to MAXIUM EFFORT events. These include large, sanctioned, events or facing off against another company. Everyone will get the chance to perform every roll. If you are interested in commanding the company during a regular event DO NOT hesitate to let the command staff know and we would be happy to let you try your hand. Experience is key! MANY OF THESE DESCRIPTIONS APPLY ONLY TO WAR OF RIGHTS)

    Ranks in the 1st Texas are much more than a status symbol; rank holders bear responsibilities both inside and outside of combat not limited to, command and control, maneuver and drill, organization, administrative duties, and training.

    Promotions are granted to those who are active in unit events, assist with organization and administrative duties both inside and outside the game, and those that contribute to the group in other ways (graphics, recruitment, ect)

    The following is a brief rundown of the roles and responsibilities that goes along with each rank:

    Private: The private soldier is the backbone of any unit, they are the shooters and stabbers, foot slogging, hard-fighting Texans looking to kill Yankees (no offense to any Yankees) In short our most valuable asset and (in my opinion) the one the the best and simplest jobs. Shooting dudes in the face.

    V Private: This rank is given to privates that have shown that they are consistently attending training and game nights or who have shown active engagement in organizational meetings. The player will receive a new forum signature for the War of Rights forum with a private rank insignia, rank inside the Teamspeak server, as well as eligibility for promotion. And yes they still shoot dudes in the face.

    Corporals: A shooter on the line just like a private but with the added responsibility of being line guides during a battle. Outside of a game Corporals will help spread the word about upcoming training and events.

    Sergeants: They work for a living. The first rank in the NCO tree Sergeants are file closers on the line who also bear command responsibility in the unfortunate event that all of the officers and senior NCOs are killed. Sergeants also take the indispensable role of trainer during training events. Whether its bayonet drill or combat movement Sergeants will be subject matter experts when it comes to all things 19th Century combat. Outside of a game Sergeants will also be active recruiters for the unit, will assist with planning training events, assist in roll call, basic administrative duties within the unit, and points of contact for private soldiers.

    Quarter Master Sergeant: One per company/regiment. This specialized rank is reserved for an individual that goes above and beyond for the 1st Texas on their own time. Consistent attendance, assistance with organization (both in and outside of combat), recruitment, graphics, discussion maintenance, assistance with Teamspeak and any other non combat related medium will make you eligible for this position. This will be a reserved rank.

    Ordnance Sergeant: Historically the rank of Ordinance Sergeant was given to an individual that was singled out as the best qualified individual to manage the arms and munitions of a regiment. In the 1st Texas the rank if Ordnance Sergeant is given to a individual player who constantly attends event/training nights and routinely performs well in combat. The Billy Badass of the regiment. This rank is rarely given out and can only be held for the period of 6 months or until a contender arises.

    First Sergeant: One per company. Top Dog. This NCO rank is reserved for individuals who are interested in command in the field and assist with the day to day running of the organization at the company level. In game the First Sergeant will assist the Company commander with maintaining the line, file closing, and command in case of catastrophic loss of brass. Outside of the game First Sergeants will disseminate event and training information to all other members, will assist with attendance, training events, and will be a primary contact for player issues. If you're having any issue whatsoever, talk to Top.

    Sergeant Major: Only One. Stay off the grass. The Sergeant Major holds many of the responsibilities on a First Sergeant with the added responsibility of assisting the command staff with training and event organization. During MAXIMUM EFFORT events the Sergeant Major will also take rear position of the color guard and will do his best to save the colors from capture or make the enemy pay dearly.

    Second Lieutenant: Command staff candidates only held during the probationary period of any new officer. They will assist the Officers and Senior NCOs with event and training organization as well as any private soldier needs.

    First Lieutenant: Maximum two per Company. Organizers and day to day operations of the organization as a whole. Lieutenants work with their company commander to take an active role in the direction of the Regiment, and later, their individual companies. They will also be responsible for creating events and maintaining the steam group/WoR group. In game Lieutenants will take command roles in control of the unit.

    Captain: One per Company. Captains have tactical control over their companies in battle and will take a leadership role outside the game. They will work with their other officers and NCOs to better the organization, listen to the players, and do their best to make this group accessible to all players.

    Major: One per Regiment. Undefined as yet. Second in command of the Regiment.

    Lt. Colonel: Special rank sometimes used during the transition from one commander to another. Rarely used.

    Colonel: Commander of the 1st Texas Infantry Regiment. The Colonel has tactical command of all companies that fall under the Wigfall Flag when playing WoR. The Colonels most important task is to work with the rest of the command staff to ensure an engaging and accessible gaming experience. Decisions on organizational policy will be worked out amongst the command staff, not by one person. There is also an OPEN DOOR policy that comes with this position. If any player has a problem that needs to be addressed, an issue with how the organization is being run, or a good idea don't hesitate to contact the commander.

    We are still discussing how Regimental command will be decided but it will most likely involve a voting system.

    Quote from a Texas newspaper correspondent visiting Camp Wigfall in the winter of 1861-1862:

    'It bears the emblem of the “Lone Star,” and this is of pure white silk, set in blue ground; the fold are purple and white. The hearts of all are riveted to it. It never will be given up. An old war-worn warrior approached it, and as his eyes gazed steadily upon the banner, he said: “That star was made of the bridal dress of the lady of our gallant colonel. She worked it with her fair hands, and gave it to us to carry through the battles of our country. How could we fall to protect. How could we fall to protect it with our lives? No, Sir! I never failed to meet the enemy when that star was our watchword, and now when our whole South is in danger, I feel that my poor life can be given up easily upon that flag as my shroud.” The old fellow with his grey heirs, still stands before my memory. Such is the feeling of every Texan.'

    The flag was carried through the early war battles until a September morning in 1862 at a cornfield in Maryland. The 1st Texas was caught in a perfect hell of canister and the combined rifle fire of 3 Federal regiments. The 1st lost 82% of their total strength earning the moniker "The Ragged First".

    Private Samuel Johnson of The 9th PA Res is credited with capturing the Wigfall Flag & was awarded the MOH.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Recruitment now open!

    Texans Always Move Them

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    we're going on a trip in our favorite spamming ship

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    Looks nice mate.

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    Good work on the thread mate!

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    I appreciate the kind words

    Texans Always Move Them

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    Really considering joining since I'm a native Texan and Austinite who reenacts Company B 4th Texas myself.

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    Huzzah! For the Texas!

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