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Thread: 52nd NY V.I "German Rangers" and 1st NY Artillery Battalion "Baden Artillery"

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    Post Frohe Weihnachten!

    Verehrte German Rangers, lieber Lieblingsfeind, im Namen der AGL wünschen wir frohe Weihnachten und danken Euch allen für eine wunderbare und herausfordernde Zeit in der United European Community sowie bei deren Ursprungskern, den The German Volunteers.

    Wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr auf dem Feld der Ehre wieder, bis dahin wünschen wir Euch auch einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2023. EXCELSIOR!

    © ElPresidente

    Und lasst uns gemeinsam für die Kavallerie beten, dass sie es dieses Jahr endlich auf das Schlachtfeld schafft in WoR...

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    I Zellner Adrian have applied to join the 52ndNY

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    USA Brigadier General

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    New year, new opportunities.

    We wish you a happy new year and blessed health. These are eventful times and we would like to reflect on the past year of the company.

    The 52ndNY Volunteer regiment marked their 7th year in War of Rights.

    We are moving with full steam towards the 10 year anniversary with our proud regiment, but the first mark towards this achievement we celebrated the 7th birthday on the 09th. November.
    As part of the celebration the infantry and artillery department transformed the artillery shooting range to a biathlon trail, including a small and big penalty round.
    After a couple of virtual drinks, recognitions and a rousing speech from the 1st Sgt, the Biathlon relay, with the participation of several invited TGV and UEC units, was kicked off. Afterwards the company marched into the fight as every week to help the Union gain the victory on the field of honor.
    Let's reflect on the other events and changes in the company that happened throughout the year.
    The 52ndNY suffered heavy casualties in various battles at the beginning of the year which reduced the fighting power of the unit to an average of 12 to 13 soldiers available to march into battle. Against the odds the field medics were able to save many New Yorker souls and the ranks startet to fill again over the year with recovered soldiers and those returning from their front vacation. The CSA artillery apparently was specifically aiming at the CO`s and NCO`s in the middle of the year which caused a big hole and affected the battles during their recovery time. Luckily most body parts were able to be saved, but it will take some time until the company can see a full recovery. To counter these losses of life and to keep the morale and leadership potential at a battle ready state, several promotions have been performed.
    Good news came from our recruitment department which was able to motivate several new recruits to join our ranks. This improved the fighting power and also the morale to see new young men taking up arms for the good of the Union.
    The regular drills were executed with the usual high level of commitment in the area of the infantry and the artillery. Towards the end of the year the newly developed cavalry drill book was trained, this will be important to be prepared for the future as it is rumored that the general staff is planning to provide horses to the companies. Besides the regular high skilled battles within the United European Community on skirmish and conquest maps we did not forget to keep the battalion drills and battles well trained. Special note of the Gettysburg and Fredericksburg campaign in battalion style battles which was well received by all rangers in the company. We would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to the organization team of the units and friends of the TGV and UEC. A niche game like ours lives and thrives from a community like ours with the same goals and compassion. Many thanks and a big HUZZAH for our blue and gray brothers in arms.

    All of us managed to ship through the dangerous reefs of the bewitched 7th year of Existence and we can look forward with excitement to what the future will have planned for our community.

    Maybe we will see the cavalry this year so we can gallop towards an enemy and trot back. One thing is safe to say though: This year we will see the UEC train and execute the brigade drill book. We are excited to see and feel the maneuvers of a brigade and hope you are too.
    All in all, we are looking forward to the new year with excitement and routine. We would like to thank all the organizers and participants for the great events.

    To Lady Liberty, to the 52nd New York Infantry!


    - signed -

    Paul Frank
    Captain of 52nd New York Infantry “German Rangers”, Company A  02

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    I Friedrich Albrecht have applied to join the 52ndNY.

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    I, Oliver Hayes, have applied to join the 52ndNY.

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    I Erik Jäger (Kyeast) have applied to join the 52nd New York.

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    I, Georg Kugler, have applied to join the 52nd New York.

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    Nice! Please translate for me

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