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Thread: Gilham vs. Hardee Drill use

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    Gilham vs. Hardee Drill use

    So I assume that there will be drill of some sort. My question is what manual of arms is going to be used? Maybe both?

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    You can't talk about "both." since there was at least four versions in use at this point...
    You got the manual of arms for muskets.
    and manual of arms for rifles.
    and then there are the variations.

    Gilham use the manual of arms muskets.
    His book was Popular with Virginia regiments early in the war.

    Hardee 1855 use the manual of arms for rifles.
    I was used by some csa regiments in the early part of hte war since it was never copyrighted. So many publishers printed it in large numbers when the war broke out.

    Hardee revised used a mix of the two.
    His revised version from 1861.
    Used by North carolina regiments (and out west where Hardee served) NC spend money on printing it and issuing it.
    It became the official drill book for all CSA regiments, but the goverment did not use money on issueing it... so the change to it came slowly. In most cases we don't know when a specific regiment changed... just that they did at some point...

    So what book they used depend on the regiment... and in many case we simply don't know.

    US infantry tactics 1861 included both manual of arms - so it depend on what weapons the regiment have.
    Chandler was a Wisconsin manual used by the early Wisconsin regiment. including 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th.
    (they only partly changed to Casey's when that came out)

    It use the manual of arms for muskets, with the exception of placing the butt of the weapon between the feet when loading... (the rest is basically a cut down version of scotts school of the soldier and of the company... it even by mistake mention the middle rank at one point. it is only about 70pages in total)

    from a production point of view it is actually only two different versions of:
    Shoulder arms
    load (the part where the weapon is at your feet)
    fix bayonets
    stack arms
    Ready (the manual of arms for muskets have two different ready positions)

    The rest is the same... and the different drill books then mix the two in different ways.

    The question is, how to implement it in the game.
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