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Thread: Read before forming a unit!

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    Awesome guide. Really helped kick start the 17th Virginia Infantry (Co.F). Can't wait to see the 'events' explained more in detail later.

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    Great guide! Though my only issue right now is hosting a server. I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryVaultBoy View Post
    Great guide! Though my only issue right now is hosting a server. I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point
    It's a dumpster fire at the moment so my honest advice is wait until it's sorted.

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    Cheers for that Bravescot, really helpful for us new companies!
    P.S. You might want to add that 20 posts are required on new accounts to start a thread, this had me stumped until I got a reply back from Hinkel.
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    awsome thread great suggestions as well!

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    Help with post

    I am attempting to claim the 1stSC Provisional army. I am having trouble gaining permission to post threads, any ideas?

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    So how does one create a company if said regiment doesn’t exist yet? I would like to form a company under the 1st Florida Cavalry. Much of the 1st was dismounted, and merged with foot infantry units of the 4th Florida Infantry. However Companies A, E, & F remained mounted cavalry units.
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    Greetings Saltwater Cowboy,

    Again, your preferred unit, the 1st Florida Cavalry fought in the western Armies, and not in the Eastern Armies. The Company Tool only has the capability of creating units associated with the Army of Northern Virginia or The Army of the Potomac as they existed in 1862 during the Maryland Campaign.

    While noble and understandable that you'd want to represent those folks, sadly it won't happen.

    There were two Florida Units that I am aware of that did fight with the Army of Northern Viriginia at this time. Both were Infantry however, (similar to fighting dismounted.) Both were a part of Pryor's Brigade of Anderson's Division of Longstreet's Wing. The 2nd FL Infantry, and the 8th FL Infantry.

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    I have a lot to do lol

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