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...is there any plan to allow for venting, manual fuse cutting, and use of sights, cannon levels, and other aiming equipment etc?
It is my very strongly held opinion, speaking only as a player and not on behalf of the team, that:

(1) Stopping the vent should be a step which is added to the game as an incentive for players to work together on a single piece, or allow for catastrophic failures if someone is working a gun by themselves. I am not a programmer and so I'll admit I am not sure what this would look like or how it would work.

(2) Pricking the powder bag should be added to the priming animation. No extra work for the player, just an added couple of seconds of animation. To skip this step in the process is like not adding the percussion cap on a musket. Makes no sense. I haven't timed it, but I swear I can load a cannon in War of Rights faster than I can load a musket, and that makes zero sense at all.

(3) Officers and NCO's should have the option to equip a gun sight, just like you can switch to a weapon or binoculars, and doing so when you enter the "elevating screw" adds a second of an animation which places the sight on the gun. I would add just a pinch of zoom to sighted guns. When you "f" away from the gun, the animation automatically removes the sight.

(4) I personally think fuse cutting should be added to the game, but I don't hate the way it is working right now and, honestly, I could see trying to get a pub player to cut my fuse correctly could be an absolute nightmare and make artillery basically unplayable.